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1. Restrictions on Acquiring Personal Information

When acquiring personal information through this website, DSS first clarifies the purpose behind acquisition, and acquires information only within the scope of said utilization. As a principle of DSS, personal information is offered or registered only by voluntary will of users.

2. Appropriate Management of Personal Information

DSS’s web administrators strictly manage personal information provided in the website as appropriate in order to prevent the loss, theft, and/or misuse of information. DSS immediately deletes all personal information that is no longer in use.

3. Restrictions on the Sharing and Disclosing of
Personal Information

Unless otherwise stated in the copyright laws, DSS never shares personal information with internal personnel or external groups for any purpose. In the event that sharing of personal information with an external party is a necessity, DSS requires the part to handle the personal data with the utmost appropriate care.

4. The Scope of Application

The privacy policy is applied only within the extent of this website.

About the Use of DSS Website

This website is operated by DIGITAL SKIP STATION INC., (DSS). Please review and acknowledge the following articles for the use of this website.


The copyrights of this website and all documents, pictures, films, and other copyrighted material (“Contents”) provided on this website belong to DSS, the original authors of the Contents, and other copyright holders. Unless otherwise stated in the copyright laws, it is strictly prohibited to copy or reproduce the Contents without the permission of DSS, the original authors, or other copyright holders. Please contact DSS in advance and obtain permission for the use of our Contents.


Although DSS is responsible for the creation and management of Contents and other information provided in this website, itis not accountable for their accuracy, usefulness, or reliability. DSS does not bear responsibility for any loss caused by the use of Contents and other information in this website. DSS may at any time change or delete the layout of the website, the conditions designated concerning website usage, the URL, or any of the Contents without prior notice. DSS may also suspend or discontinue the operation of its website without prior notice.

Linking to DSS Website

Please contact DSS for permission to link your website to this website (This includes mentioning the DSS URL in publications such as magazines or books).

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Please email DSS for inquiries on our products, services, and website.