Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza consists of six facilities

Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza is a complex consisting of a Full Digital Studio, Audio Visual Hall, HD Editing & 5.1ch Audio Sweetening Rooms, Audio Visual Museum, Audio Visual Library, and rental offices (Incubate Offices). Furnished with high-end equipment and facilities, Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza enables all processes of digital filmmaking to be carried out in one continuous operation, from shooting and editing to production and screening. In the Visual Museum, people of all ages learn filmmaking interactively through enjoyable activities. In Audio Visual Library, precious films produced by Saitama Prefecture are available for viewing.



  • HD Studio
  • Audiovisual Production Support Rooms
  • Incubation Office
  • Audiovisual Hall
  • Visual Museum
  • Audiovisual Library

HD Studio

A Filming Studio Capable of Digital Hi-Vision Program Production

Equipped with an HD multi-formatted camera system for filming, HD Studio enables users to produce a wide range of contents such as TV programs, digital cinema, and commercials.  Blue and green chroma key curtains placed on the horizont wall of HD Studio makes for easy synthetic shooting.  Users can also save costs by bringing in their own shooting equipment and paying only for the studio space.

HD Filming System

The camera system consists of 3 HD studio cameras and 1 HD handy camera.
The cameras are digitally connected with peripheral equipment such as a full digital switcher, an HD-VTR, and an HD-telop, so that users can produce a variety of high quality HD programs.
HD Studio’s multiple input system is equipped with an HD-CAM、an XD-CAM、an HD-D5、and an HDV, and is compatible with user-brought shooting equipment.  Older SD materials can be converted to HDTV by HD Studio’s up-converter.

Digital Sound Recording System

The digital audio mixer equipped in HD Studio enables high quality sound recording.  Other types of sound equipment available include wireless microphones, sound reproduction equipment such as a CD player, an MD player with auto-search function, various types of digital effectors, and TEL Remote to record sounds transmitted via telephone lines.  A PA system, which is essential for public music programs, is also available for use.

Audiovisual Production Support Rooms

Post-Production facilities Capable of Editing, Image Composing, and Sound Mixing

Post production facilities consist of 3 types of Non-Linear Editing Studios as a primary feature, a Liner Editing Studio, and a Multi-Channel MA studio.  Users can choose a platform that works best for their needs (e.g., special effects for CMs, digital cinema editing).  Thus, an effective high-quality audiovisual production environment is provided.  DSS’s experienced studio staff can work as an operation crew for an additional cost.

Non-Linear and Linear Editing Studios and MA Studio

Three non-linear editing studios which are suitable for image composing, effects, and color correction, are available.  You can choose one that best suits the needs of your work. The HD Linear Editing Studio is equipped with an automatic character generator that enables you to produce subtitles effectively.  The MA Studio is suitable for either Stereo MIX such as TV programs and CMs or 5.1 Channel MIX such as movies so that you can compile a wide range of contents.  The Recording Booth is as wide as 30 square meters and enables you to do narration recording as well as dubbing of overseas works.

4K Cameras

A Sony-made PMW-F55 camera (CineAlta 4K Camera) is available.  This 4K camera can shoot under a 16 bit linear RAW environment by directly connecting to an AXS-R5 as well as a XAVC, a MPEG-4 SStP, and a MPEG HD422.  Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9 lenses (24mm, 32mm, 50mm, and 85mm) come with the camera as the standard set.  Recording equipment such as sound microphones and sound recorders as well as LED lighting equipment are available.

Incubation Office (Rental Office)

Comprehensive Support, from Shooting to Distribution

The Incubation Offices are rental offices available for venture companies and content producers in the audiovisual industry.  Users of the Incubation Offices can receive comprehensive assistance in shooting, editing, MA, screening, and distribution, using SKIP CITY facilities and equipment.  The office facilities are functional and convenient.  For example, refreshment areas are available for users to prepare for a long work period, such as a lounge, a roof terrace, resting rooms (a total of 9 rooms), and a shower room.

Young Film Director Foster & Support Program

With the aim of producing top creators who will lead the next generation audiovisual industry, Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza is developing and promoting Young Film Director Foster & Support Program.  The program is aimed at young creators who base their activities in the Saitama Prefecture or at the Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza Incubation Office.  The program is being promoted with the goal to encourage the development of the next generation audiovisual industry in Saitama Prefecture, and fostering and stimulating audiovisual culture within the area.
【Major Works created with the Aid of Young Film Director Foster & Support Program  】
“Balloon Relay” (D-MAP2011 Work/66 min/Director: Kyohei Fujimura)
“San-San” (D-MAP2012 Work/81 min/Director: Fumiharu Sotoyama)

Audiovisual Hall

An Audiovisual Hall Ready for 4K Spectacular Screening

The Audiovisual Hall is a screening facility unparalleled in accommodation by any other rental hall.  It features a super high-definition 4K digital projector system, a film projector, Dolby sound system, and a large screen.  <br>
In addition to its optimal screening environment featured by spectacular images and movie theatre-like powerful sound, the Audiovisual Hall has a spacious stage.  This enables the hall to be used for a wide range of purposes such as events, symposiums, lectures and seminars requiring audiovisual features.

Events Interconnected with the HD Studio using Optical Camera Cables

Using four optical camera cables and tools that are equipped in the Sub-Adjustment Room of the HD Studio or tools in outside broadcasting vans, it is possible to shoot and broadcast events being held in the Audiovisual Hall.  It is also possible to hold events that are networked between the Audiovisual Hall and studios, or to screen a program that is being shot in the studios in the Audiovisual Hall.

Weekend Theatre

Weekend Theatre is held in the Audiovisual Hall.  With the motto “Quality Movies at Low Prices,” screening of different genres of movies including family movies,and old masterpieces, are being planned.

Visual Museum

Interactive Museum where You Experience Something New in Filmmaking

The Visual Museum is an interactive museum where visitors of all ages can learn about the history, principles, and processes of filmmaking through enjoyable hands-on experiences.  Visitors can also participate in various kinds of workshops on filmmaking.  The museum also offers Filmmaking Study Programs aimed at schools and child centers.
The Exhibition Corner of the museum presents various types of interactive exhibitions throughout the year, such as the history of filmmaking, cutting-edge filmmaking technologies, and media arts


Audiovisual Library

One of the Biggest “Audiovisual Libraries” in Japan

The Audiovisual Library is one of the biggest libraries of audiovisual contents and is open to the public.  It is operated integrally with NHK’s “TV Program Viewing Library.”  The available contents include movies that Saitama Prefecture digitally archived as valuable audiovisual assets that should bebe leftfor future generations, about 3,700 TV programs, and as many as 15,000 pieces of still images of cultural assets and historical events.  Visitors can view plenty of contents free of charge via the on-demand method at each computer terminal.

Screening Events and Talk Shows

The Audiovisual Library screens contents based on various themes, and holds talk shows with guests who pertain to the selected theme.