Main Businesses

Audiovisual Production

Production Using New Generation 4K Cameras is Possible.

DSS films important events such as drama and ballet performances, school choral competitions, and festivals. Using seven cameras on average, DSS never misses a precious moment, creating a DVD that makes you feel as if you were actually there. The finished DVD includes chapters for an easy search. Delivering of finished DVDs using your original packaging materials is possible upon request.


Filming Company CMs, Company and Product Guides, and Town Revitalization

DSS’s professional staff create an appealing PR film only after thorough investigation and consultation. With the latest tools and facilities, DSS can accommodate various types of needs, such as synthesizing images.


Event Production

From the planning and design to operation, DSS supports all aspects of your event and is ready for receiving any types of event relating order. Using films, DSS adds a dramatic flourish to your event unparalleled by other companies.


Experience-based Workshop

DSS consistently operates a hands-on CG class and other experience-based workshops. DSS also supports all aspects of these workshops, from drafting the overall plan and class concepts, selecting lecturers and lecture halls, preparing the necessary tools and materials, making advertisements, and operating the actual workshops.



SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL (IDCF) is held annually for the purpose of spreading and developing digital cinemas, as well as discovering young movie producers of the next generation. IDCF consists of three competition categories: Feature Length Competition, Short Length Competition, and Animation Competition. Many producers from all over the world enter the Feature Length Competition every year. Short Length Competition is for domestic movie producers. Animation Competition was started in 2014. IDCF is held in close cooperation with domestic and international film festivals and offers Japanese movie producers with the opportunity to associate with other film festivals, a stepping stone towards building a successful career. As an infrastructure developing project for digital cinemas, IDCF also offers new creators all types of assistance. More specifically, IDCF selects a film plan and a director for an original film to screen at the IDCF Opening Ceremony, and supports its production system.